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Fagdag på Kleven i Ulsteinvik

Det ble en skoledag langt utenom «normalen» for elevene i Økonomi og ledelse. Fredag 2. februar dro vi til Kleven verft, Norges største skipsverft med norske eiere. Da vi gikk gjennom porten var det allerede over 1 600 mennesker som var kommet inn på verftsområdet før oss denne dagen, så elevene ble nok noe overrasket over størrelsen på bedriften.

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Dutch students from Breda (the Netherlands), hosted by 2IB, took part in Model United Nations(MUN) at Spjelkavik vgs

Yesterday a full day of Model United Nations (MUN) sealed off a week of exploring perspectives relating to estrangement and migration at Spjelkavik vgs. Dutch and Norwegian students have investigated a number of perspectives related to causes and consequences  of migration as well as problems of estrangement and inclusion in our societies. Guest lecturers included author and journalist Bjørn Vatne who spoke on estrangement in literature and refugee worker Linda Dalehamn and refugee Ali Sina who gave insights on their particular perspectives.

Vice-Mayor of Ålesund, Tore Johan Øvstebø lectured on challenges of migration and inclusion, also in our local community. The leader of Amnesty International, Norway, gave a lecture on the work of their organisation, locally and globally, giving a clear sense of urgency for certain refugee groups.

In the Model United Nation students formed nations with complex attitudes towards migration, ranging from those mainly in favour to those with very restrictive policies. After much debate, disagreement and voting they were able to form the basis of a resolution which will be handed to a European Parliament Member when 2IB visits Brussels in March.

Good work, everyone!

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Active IB students from Spjelkavik vgs at Education Fair "Tautdanning 2017"

Plenty of smiling faces when IB students informed about the Diploma Programme at Spjelkavik vgs Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who visited the stand!

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The application form for the International Baccalaureate 2017-2019 is available now.

Keep in mind that the deadline for submitting your application is on the 1st of March. Additionally, you need to apply in vigo.no.

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IB X-mas Party 2016

IB students of Spjelkavik vgs celebrated their yearly Christmas gathering by bringing food from a number of various cultures. Everything from polish makowiec to latvian zagarini were shared. For some odd reason, chicken taco made up a good chunk of the food that was shared. We also experienced some creative singing. The 3IB'ers were happy to have completed the challenging task of writing their extended essays. Some of the students are seen in these pictures with the teachers who were their Extended essay supervisors.

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Critical thinkers in action on IB Trial Day at Spjelkavik vgs

We would like to thank all the Vg1-students for brilliant performances and jobs well done on the IB Trial Day. We also appreciate very much the great contributions made by IB students, IB teachers and other contributors. Vg1-students had bitesize introductions to some core subjects and a selection of subjects that can be chosen. They also contributed with their ideas on certain topics. Great job, everyone!

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IB Trial Day

Invitation to experience an

IB Trial Day at Spjelkavik vgs

Thursday 15th of December 2016

The day lasts from 0815-1400. On this particular day you are going to experience how it is to be an IB student, and you will meet and may get to know some fellow students who want to join the IB. The IB teachers will provide lessons in specific subjects, and you will also meet IB-students from 2IB and 3IB.   

Please give us feedback on your attendance to harek.sande@mrfylke.no

You are most welcome!

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NM kvalifisering i volleyball for videregående skoler

Fredag 11.11.2016 arrangerte Spjelkavik vgs NM kvalifisering i volleyball for videregående skoler

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Elever og lærere på reise til Etiopia

I høstferien sendte vår skole for sjette gang to elever og en lærer til Etiopia. Her fikk de se utviklingen som har skjedd på skolen Future Hope Academy.

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Konsert med Comet Kid i regi av Kultursekken

Onsdag 19. okt fikk alle elever og lærere ved Spjelkavik vgs delta på et forrykende show med Comet Kid.

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