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2IB and Dutch students from Breda hand over Model UN resolution to Dutch politician

The 2IB students were recently given the opportunity to hand over their suggestions on how to improve the current migration crisis to Mrs. Kati Piri, a Dutch politician who is an elected representative in the European Parliament.

As part of the exchange program between 2IB from Spjelkavik VGS and Mencia de Mendoza High School of Breda, the two classes held a Model UN in February in Norway. The students had a long and thorough discussion of the current migration crisis as representatives of different member countries of the UN. This engaging debate resulted in a specific document, a resolution, which included the students' suggestions on how to solve or at least improve the complex issue.
 Among other things, they argued for an organized transnational fund to humanitarian aid, disaster relief, as well as building of infrastructure (education and industry). The resolution also included an appeal to a more even distribution of refugees to UN countries based on GDP and population density. Lastly, the students called for a reform of the Dublin Regulation.
 While on their exchange trip to Breda in The Netherlands, 2IB finally got the chance to visit the European Parliament in Brussels, where they were able to meet the Dutch politician Kati Piri from the labour party, Partij van de Arbeid. She told the class about the current migration crisis and how the European Parliament was working on the issue.
 At the end of the session, Oscar Dos Santos Kvalsvik from 2IB and Dutch student Lotte de Roiij handed over the resolution, which was the outcome of the Model United Nations project. The class also got a tour of the European Parliament where they got to see the Parliament hemicycle (debating chamber).
 Well done!