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Subjects and subject choices

Course Information

Students take six courses chosen from the six subject groups that IB offers: Language A, Second Language, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, and Electives/Arts.  The student also decides which three will be pursued at the Higher Level (240 hours), and which three at the Standard Level (150 hours).  This allows students to spend more time studying those subjects that interest them most, while still gaining a solid base in other subjects.  You are allowed to take an extra subject, provided it fits within the school’s timetable.  You are also allowed to have four subjects at the HL provided you get an average of 16 points in your HL subjects.

Subjects and subject choices


You are required to take six subjects; one from each of the groups 1-5 below. The sixth subject can be from groups 2, 3, or 4

  • Three subjects must be taken at higher level (HL) and three at standard level (SL).
  • You can replace a language B with a second language A.
  • Students’ choice of subjects will decide where subjects will be placed on the timetable for the IBDP programme and subject choices will be made mutually exclusive. Physics and Biology will be made mutually exclusive.
  • A student unable to choose English A or Norwegian A can choose his/her best language as a language A subject. He/she will be registered as a self-taught student and work on his/her own, under the supervision of a Language A teacher.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel a subject if there are insufficient numbers to make up a group.
  • At the start of the IBDP course you will discuss your choices individually with the IB Coordinator who will be able to advise you about good combinations. So don't worry about having to make a final decision at this stage.

Students also complete the requirements of the core elements: Theory of Knowledge, CAS, and the Extended Essay. IB Diploma Subjects offered at Spjelkavik vgs:

Subject groups Subjects
Language A

Norwegian A Literature HL

English A Language and Literature HL/SL

Language B

(second language)

Norwegian B SL
Individuals and Societies

History   SL

Business Management HL/SL

Psychology HL/SL

Experimental Sciencies

Physics   HL/SL

Chemistry HL/SL

Biology HL/SL


Mathematics   HL/SL

Mathematical Studies SL

Electives Another course from groups 2, 3, 4