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The Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate is an internationally recognized educational programme offered by over 4000 schools in 140 countries, and it qualifies for admission into most institutions of higher education.
It is a two year programme and examinations are held in May the final year. The examinations are on the same days, in every country in Europe, Africa and in the Middle East. A uniform standard is maintained through the use of identical examination papers and an international network of examiners.

IB at Spjelkavik requires a student to study languages, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics over two years. It is based on the first year of Norwegian videregående skole, or similar academic preparation. The IB Diploma course, which is taught in English, is designed to cater for internationally mobile student applicants and Norwegian students interested in a secondary school education offering notably a somewhat greater in-depth study in three of the university preparatory subjects, taught in English.
Spjelkavik vgs was authorized to teach the IB Diploma in 2012 and the highly qualified and professional trained staff challenges the students to participate in a exciting route for further studies.  

Students should send in an application to VIGO (www.vigo.no) in addition to applying directly to the school on the special application form. If you are applying from abroad and do not have a Norwegian identity number and/or do not have records of previous schooling from Norway, you may send the application form directly to the school. The deadline both in vigo and for submitting the Application form to the School is  1 March 2017. More information about the IB can be found on the website: www.ibo.org

If you have any further questions please contact the IB Coordinator at Spjelkavik videregående skole.


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